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Formula for $$$ Carolina Beach Oceanfront Condo Vacation Rental

3 Variables for Carolina Beach Vacation Rentals to Make MONEY This post will go into detail on what makes money with Carolina Beach condos. So real quick, I’ll point to you here. You want to go down to about Carolina Sands Drive all the way up a few blocks north. Here, let’s see if I Read More

Luxury ICW Front homes in a rut in Wilmington Real Estate

Most High End Intracoastal Waterway Front Homes Don’t Sell–Why ICW Homes Often Unrealistic in Wilmington NC So number one, the buyers here are mostly here to buy a second home and that means they’re looking up to five years in advance for the home, okay? There’s not significant urgency there and we’re just competing with Read More

Wow! Introducing new Humanities and Fine Arts Center Historic District Wilmington

Check out Wilmington Fine Arts Center! and real estate                                                     Hi, this is Jay Seville of Wilmington-Real-Estate.com. That’s Wilmington-Real- Estate.com. And my better website, Justnewlistings.com, with everything from northern Virginia Read More

Shell Island Resort Prices Climb on Higher Floors

Prices Climb in Shell Island Resort–for the higher floors                                   Quick Summary– the lower floors in the building have stayed flat the past 2 years.  But the higher floors have appreciated 9% the past 2 years and have much Read More

How My Buyers Always Save ADDITIONAL $9,000-40,000 off average sold/list price ratio

How My Buyers always save an ADDITIONAL $9,000-40,000 off average sold price/list price ratio     First minute explains it–the rest might be interesting if you’re into tech and apps and smartphones….How I follow up immediately AFTER showings.   Some of the transcript: Hi, this is Jay, the buyer agent in Greater Wilmington, and I wanted Read More

In Depth on New Carolina Beach Boardwalk! & Beach Cottages

New Carolina Beach Boardwalk is Amazing! Britt’s Donuts       Hey I’m Jay Seville, the owner, the realtor behind Wilmington-real-estate.com, and this afternoon I had four awesome donuts at Britt’s Donuts. Here’s a hint, a little inside tip you can ask for them to be double dipped, just whisper it to them we don’t Read More

The Best Water View around Wilmington NC Real Estate — Seapath Towers

Seapath Towers offers greatest view around Wrightsville Beach Some transcript: Hi.  I am Jay Seville, the team leader of the Wilmington-Real-Estate.com team here in Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach.  That’s Wilmington dash real dash estate dot com.  And just real quick off the cuff, I thought I’d share with you an experience I just had. Read More

No Way! Carolina Beach Real Estate up 13% ???

Can it be that Carolina Beach Real Estate Values are up 13% ?   &nbsp &nbsp Hi I am Jay Seville the realtor behind wilmington-real-estate.com and because we are focused on Carolina Beach real estate today I am not wearing the power suit that I was so used to wearing up in Washington DC.  I Read More

What are Real Estate Taxes for Wilmington NC & Carolina Beach?

                                    Wilmington nc real estate taxes | Carolina & Kure Beach One of the most common questions I get is what are the taxes for the Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach.  So many folks moving Read More

Market Frenzy for $200,000 Price Range Wilmington Real Estate

Seller’s Market Arrives for Wilmington NC Real Estate So the realtors who know the market best are buyer agents showing tons of homes to numerous clients in different price ranges and niches of Wilmington real estate in NC.  They’re the ones who have the most up to date feedback on the market and the buyer’s Read More
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