Top 3 Variables to SQUEEZE 30% more Rental Income out of Beach Property North Carolina

On May 13, 2020
Listed in beach real estate North Carolina

3 Variables Get 30% More Rental Income for Beachfront Homes North Carolina

For years I’ve been helping second home buyers–also known as investors–purchase beach properties and beachfront homes in North Carolina at beaches such as Oak Island, Surf City, Carolina beach, Holden Beach, Etc. In analyzing countless properties and their rental income, assessing the effectiveness or lack thereof of the property managers, looking at variables such as erosion and rebuildable versus non rebuildable Lots, etcetera., and analyzing all these scenarios for years…I’ve determined there are three key variables that the top producing vacation rentals at the beach have in common. This video goes in-depth on them with concrete examples, and literally homes with these three variables gross 30% more than regular vacation rentals. What’s up with that?


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