Cape Fear Crossing Project Flabbergasts Brunswick Forest

What’s up with the Cape Fear Crossing Project?

you can imagine that’s a that’s a big


legal issue for the Cape Fear Crossing in Brunswick Forest should the state be able to


on its own saying hey everybody you’re


no longer allowed to develop this area


because in 20 years we might put some


roads there well that’s not very cool so


three years ago the Supreme Court and


North Carolina ruled against that which


opened the doors for development in


these areas that had been frozen makeup


they were calling it a land freeze now


this area here for alternative tea is


supposed to cost a lot less than


alternative m and in my theory on that


is because if you look at the map


alternative tea going right here on


route 17 and then across over here is


much shorter than the other routes a man


in which should pull up shortly and they


might be for example 20 miles less Road


to construct and that may be where a big


part of the savings is especially if a


lot of that road is crossing back and


forth over the town Creek you know


estuary going through Brunswick County


etc so I’m going to zoom in on the maps


here and show you what’s going on here


relates to real estate plantation and


alternative em avoidance they both


started 87 and 17


instead of starting right here just


going like this they start way over here


and go around there much longer paths to


success as it were so therefore they


cost hundreds of millions of dollars


more now over here on the MLS this area


here is bronze Wake Forest and over here


is Mallory Creek plantation most of


Brunswick Forest from what I can tell


would not remotely be impacted by this


caper crossing now I want to emphasize


that because one of the most impressive


neighborhoods in the entire country not


in a state in the country


is the Brunswick forest plant community


it’s amazing and the Cape air Crossing


does not look like it will affect most


of Brunswick forest if at all because


they haven’t decided yet where it would


go now if they do select alternative tea


well it would go in this general area of


perhaps a half mile off this road called


Lillibridge and these are homes here


that have sold in the last two years


here or that are active now there’s in


the last two years I think about 60


homes have sold in this little section


of Brunswick four so if they do


alternative tea it’s going to greatly


impact this small section off to the


side of Brunswick Forest and that’s a


real issue that consumers need to be


aware of so it’s my mom I’m saying mom


you cannot beat Brunswick forest I would


buy a home in Brunswick forest but to be


careful I would be preventative of what


section of the neighborhood I was buying


in and not take the risk okay that’s


what I would tell my mom and as a


realtor that’s how I do my business what


would I tell my own mom as you can see


this is a significant area we’re talking


about hundreds of houses in


area even if one of the hundred and


eight houses that would directly be


impacted through eminent domain


according to these sources I’m reading


even if your home wasn’t one of those


houses you might still be whatever 50


yards away from a major new highway and


be listening to it and seeing it that’s


not what you had in mind when you bought


in a neighborhood so that is what the


fuss is about


with this project or plan called


alternative T now I’m going to just real


quick look up some other notes on it


here that I highlighted for you and


hammer them out here maybe not in the


order I attended originally this is just


a complicated thing here to go and stop


the development no ball our policy


permits leyland brunswick county or the


state from intervening to stop or slow


development and brunswick forest and


mallory creek new subdivisions in the


Cape Fear crossings path and the


development is growing fast well I can


guarantee you developments going fast


we’re talking exploding and that’s


because it’s a premier neighborhood in


the country the Washington excuse me the


Wilmington urban area Metropolitan


Planning Organization the W MPO


they wanted and recommended against


alternative T they were wanting one of


the alternatives to be selected of M or


n as my understanding but the problem is


that costs a lot more money now where is


all this and what is it all happening


this has already been 20 or 26 years in


the making


recently 33 million bucks were just


granted or set aside or earmarked for


this project the problem is it needs I


believe to be at least 65 or 75 percent


funded before they can do anything so


we’re still 10 years away of being able


to even looks like start this because


every couple years they’re going to get




billions and more dollars and from what


I’m reading it won’t be for about 10


years 2028 of 2029 until they have a


chance of doing anything you see because


they need another 970 million dollars so

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