In 2019 How to Win at Carolina Beach Condo

No Inventory. Winning Carolina Beach Condos

hi this is jay seville with  Everybody I’m one of the top buyer agents for Carolina Beach oceanfront condos as well as vacation rentals on all the beaches. In fact I’m the only realtor I know that works on all the beaches from Ocean Isle Beach up and around the North Topsail Beach homes— sometimes even Atlantic Beach. So I have a much bigger picture of the market than most Realtors and the nuances of each Beach etc.

Working with out-of-town investors and people focused on vacation rental properties for most of you all, It’s your first time doing this and I really enjoy the process of helping you go through the process with confidence, with authority and protecting your interest and your money. We have a situation when I caught a real estate situation particularly with Carolina Beach condos, and that is we have no inventory especially with the oceanfronts.  we’re down 40 percent from a year ago and this means with very high demand that properties many of them are closing or going under contract immediately in real time practically.

So how do you win it real estate for Carolina Beach condos for sale when there’s no inventory? Well where there’s a will there’s a way. Where
there’s a top agent there’s a way. But you have to follow my lead. What’s that phrase you can lead a horse to the water you can’t make it drink. You know it’s frustrating on the agent side; I have the advice to help you win, but you have to take it you have to trust me and go with it so let me give you a couple of items here on examples.

This property listed 1302 carolina beach. This is the Royal Sands property and listed and went under contract in one day. Now why did it go under contract in one day? Well it had some great rental numbers; besides it listed for306 yet grossing 50 grand which is just incredible.  generally something like this would now gross surround you the pool a community pool would you know gross like 36,000. then this one here I placed at the beach. also under contract in one day another — under contract that was 315 right away. this one listed to 99 under contract in two weeks we’re getting lots of condos now that are under contract in one to three days.

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Jay Seville


One of the nation’s first 2.0 realtors…after hitting the highest levels of achievement at RE/MAX, Jay Seville left and formed his own brokerage in 2007 creating much business that he shared with his agents to help them make a great living. He has been principal broker and team leader of a buyer agent team since 2005.