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New Carolina Beach Boardwalk is Amazing! Britt’s Donuts

New boardwalk is wide and has lots built in seating and showers
New boardwalk is wide and has lots built in seating and showers




Hey I’m Jay Seville, the owner, the realtor behind, and

this afternoon I had four awesome donuts at Britt’s Donuts. Here’s a hint, a little inside tip you

can ask for them to be double dipped, just whisper it to them we don’t want to slow the line

down too much. So while I was at Britt’s I sort of walked the boardwalk thing again, and I’ve

just been so busy showing North Carolina oceanfront homes from Sunset Beach to North Topsail Beach, outsiders call it Topsail but it’s

pronounced Topsull locally so you know, that I hadn’t really taken any time to look at the new boardwalk here in Carolina Beach

and it is fantastic. I am on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach every year with the kiddos for a week,

and I saw that 3 year process where it was just completely redone and extended and become a

top notch boardwalk in the United States of America. Now Carolina beach has become the

younger brother of Myrtle Beach. We have a top class boardwalk now since they redid it. It

landed at number eight in the country from USA Today article recently. So I encourage you, come check it out

if you haven’t seen it or it’s been a few years it is a night and day difference. Which brings me to

this whole point of this piece and that is, with the new boardwalk it’s actually sort of prefaces a

$15-18 million hotel that’s being built in Carolina beach next to the boardwalk, and that process

has been in the works you know for a few years.

Carolina Beach Real Estate & Cottages For Sale

To hear my thoughts on the future CB market watch the brief video….You can find Carolina Beach cottages here.



CB boardwalk near Britt's Donuts

20150720_131103 (1)
Lots of new showers built into new Carolina Beach boardwalk

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