North Topsail Beach Oceanfront Analysis — why you must buy now

Oceanfront North Topsail Beach Market — buy now or else

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Video on how many are about to be priced out of market

For a better look at north topsail oceanfront homes the real website is better and shows you recent solds on the beaches.

Some transcription material….

Hi, I am Jay Seville with and  And I am here to talk to you about North Topsail Oceanfront Real Estate for sale.  We call it Topsail like seagull but really it’s spelled Topsail for all your north-easterners if you have been thinking about buying your oceanfront property in North Carolina for some time.  This is a real serious post because it’s time-sensitive.  Many of you have been thinking about buying an oceanfront home, second home or retirement home for 10 years, that’s not an exaggeration and you know it.  It’s been on your mind, it’s been a long-term goal.  And that is about to get out of reach for many of you.  I am not exaggerating, I am going to show it to you with the market analysis, a deep analysis with my own research, not using some third-party [indiscernible] [00:00:56] crap.  I went deep into the MLS for different square-footages, different years, and I am going to show you why, you have a chance to buy an Oceanfront home or a second row Ocean View home in North Topsail, North Carolina.  You better do it now because you might not be able to afford it 2 years from now, maybe even a year from now.  For some of you it is time sensitive and I will explain that all at the end.
First of all, let’s go back and look at a smaller square-footage home, this would be the 1400 to 1600 square-foot Oceanfronts, North Topsail.  There one, 1350 seashore, definitely needs some pressure washing there as you can see.  But let’s get to the good part, the view is right here from the back of there, it has a stairs that go down about 15-feet.  And that’s sold, I am going to go to my market in comps here, this is – here we go from 1400 to 1600 square-feet, just a year ago homes that size were selling around $400,000 flat, you can see here at $395,000.  Move forward a year and we are getting $435,000, $430,000, $462,000 the three recent closings for that size in the same beach.  In other words it bumped up 11%, that’s a lot in a year.

[DispletListing listings=”yes” minListPrice=”350″ maxListPrice=”500″ keyword=”oceanfront” city=”North Topsail Beach”]

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