New Homes for sale Oak Island NC

This is a summary of new construction homes for sale in Oak Island.


Since this landing page is about new construction homes in Oak Island it’s appropriate to give you a synopsis of what transpired the past eight years in Oak Island NC. Back around 2006 you had a grand total of 6 new homes built in Oak Island. Then there was a resurgence of the market around 2012 and Carolina beach new homes experienced a significant construction boom around 2013 to 2015. Like any area you eventually run out of lots to build on and homes to raze and to replace with McMansions, etc. So that caused the end of the new construction boom and Carolina Beach so demand shifted  to Oak Island and there was an explosion of New Home Building starting in 2016 as you can see from the graph below.

2022 update

In that 2021-2022 window homes values bumped severely and took many buyers out of the market.  You used to be able to find good homes for $300,000.  It is hard to find anything livable now under $400,000.  Those priced lower need a lot of work or are very small cottages such as a 2/1 with 800 sq ft.

New Construction Prices Went Up in OKI

There used to be tons of new construction homes from $275,000 to 400,000 but now after major price increases, excuse me, appreciation the past three years it is less common to have new construction under $400,000 now which is very frustrating to many buyers. It’s like they just missed the boat by one or two years and can no longer afford new homes in OKI. Stilll for value with a  good amount of business and retail nearby, Oak Island is by far the best value and a great place for retirement that’s also just 45 minutes to downtown Wilmington and the historic district.



Market Frenzy for New Homes in Oak Island — 0 Days on market

A huge percentage of the new homes are under contract within several days.  So you have to be on top of it and try to make an offer — often full price — on Day 0 or day 1.  This video shows it in detail how this niche is working right now.

Active and under contract Oak Island New Construction Homes