Sun Skipper Condos for sale Carolina Beach oceanfront foreclosures

Sun Skipper condo is an impressive oceanfront condominium in Carolina Beach, NC. It includes oceanfront and second row units beach homes. One variable that sets it apart is that it has multiple buildings and at least 2 swimming pools.  It’s a great vacation rental investment property.


Sun Skipper condos for sale in Carolina Beach

2019 Market Values for Sun Skipper condos

So what is the latest on sunskipper condos in Carolina Beach? well back in 2017 the 2/2s that is to say the 2-bedroom 2-bath units were closing for $260,000 and now in 2019 the 2-bedroom 2-bath Sun Skipper units that are Oceanfront let me reiterate that the oceanfront units are closing for $290,000. So in three years they’ve gone up 30 grand that’s about $10,000 a year. Now the second row units at sun skipper we’re closing for 230,000 and now they’re closing for$260,00. So they correlated identically with the oceanfront units. They each each scenario went up 30,000 in the past three years in market value.

Active Sun Skipper condos