Tale of 2 Property Managers for Kure Beach Vacation Rentals

Property Manager or no for North Carolina Oceanfronts




Person, I know

Who’s getting thirty seven thousand a year?

All your info about North Carolina Oceanfronts is here http://listings.kure-beach-homes.com/i/14128/kure_beach_oceanfront_homes_fort_fisher

With no property manager on the second row with a one-bedroom condo

You know what that tells me that tells me that a five bedroom. I want the second row house

should be grossing more than
About three times as much square feet actually wait

Four or five times more square footage so something’s not adding up here

And because of that my people haven’t been willing to buy this house

And I understand their concerns, so let me show you how this game works

Property manager making thirty five grand for this house. But another property manager may get forty five for that

So, what’s the discrepancy? Well, the discrepancy is for Kure Beach?

Ocean View homes or whatever Beach Ocean Oak Island oceanfront homes or second row homes for sale the

discrepancy is some are old school and they just have the signs on the houses and they have their listing at their website and

Then some are a little more advanced than that. They also have their listings on VRBO or Airbnb etc. That’s good

That’s a step in the right direction

But unless you’re actually going all-in on VRBO and Airbnb it’s not doing that much for you. And this is a great example

This home here another home. They want to see or that that is listed

It’s listed by a one property management and

This home has twelve views in the last 48 hours

And when I when I go on be review and I search for three-bedroom Plus homes and curry beach houses

It’s at the top. Okay, that’s why it is 12 years in the last two days

excuse me in the last two days and it’s at the top and another reason it’s at the top is it has
VRBO Airbnb etc, and I have tons of

Seminar and consultant resources to help you do this on your own

If you work with me to buy one of these I can set you up to win at real estate and be very proud

Or to help you find the right property manager if you don’t want to fool with it, or you know, baby

Maybe I’m I sorta cross the bridge. Maybe I’m willing to to be the property management for you

Now that another home that we were looking at

Over here the great second row with the good views in five bedrooms. And by the way,

That this home it’s it’s really nice. It’s got

Let’s see. It has tile

backsplash in the kitchen

Let’s see modern and quality furniture

Good flooring. Let me let me try and find some examples in the kitchen for you. Yeah, so, it’s good. It’s it’s really good

Its quality it’s light and bright and happy then maybe it could use some coastal floors some LPB

drift wood flooring might look better a but it’s it’s totally


So when you go in rubio and you search for three-bedroom homes

you have this one at the top with a bunch of reviews and

Getting you know, lots of income for the hall the house a lot of people are interested in is down here around number 10 and

It had except for myself and it’s zero views in the last two days


If you’re gonna rent this out extra bookings in the off season, it’s critical that your home get looked at

So the home

That my people are interested in buying

At no views the last two days this on my twelve use guess which home was going to rent out more frequently

because the key to getting

offseason rentals

You want a bunch of one two?

Three and four day rentals and the off season bookings that add up and bring in a lot of extra income

versus only allowing

Week-long stays or a minimum of four united states. That means you’re blocking a bunch of people from renting your property

Let me add some keywords here

Carolina Beach Oceanfront Carolina Beach condos

You’re blocking people who might want to rent the property for for two days in the offseason

with afraid or on their own they may only need two bedrooms, but don’t rent the five bedroom house and they’ll pay

You know something for like 150 a night

And that’s that $300

It’s better than nothing now multiply it times fifteen and you’re getting real income compared to nothing. So, you know

these old-school property managers

They’re not working a system on VRBO Airbnb, right?

That’s why this property down here has no reviews

They haven’t been seeking out aggressively reviews for their property

The one at the top had 20 Tories and that’s why it’s at the top that’s part of the algorithm to get it ranked

So when you’re choosing a property manager, you need to do it the right way if you want to do it on your own

You can become a student of this and become an expert at it quickly and be very profitable. That’s why I see

yesterday a four bedroom home second row and Holden Beach

Grossing forty seven thousand second row four-bedroom two-bath home. No property manager

They’re doing it all on their own in VRBO and I guarantee you they’re taking advantage of a bunch of tips and tricks to

Rank higher within the Holden Beach search and they get a bunch of extra bookings

So when you add fifteen grand of gross and no property manager

So you get another 20% profit you come out like making 40% more money

Than most of the rentals so I look forward to helping you finding a beach

Property in North Carolina for sale and helping you win at real estate


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