Village at Motts Landing Sanibel Model — Premier Homes hits homerun

Exploring Sanibel Model at Village at Motts Landing

The most sought after community right now for new homes Wilmington NC is The Village at Motts Landing. I’m going to walk you through the Sanibel model.
Sanibel model motts landing premier homes



Virtual tour walk through of Sanibel at Motts Landing

So let’s go in and check it out. Everybody I am back. I had a technical problem with
the video so I am coming back to do it again. So I am back in the Sanibel and I am just
going to point out some of the very detailed features this property has. That way you can
compare it to other new construction and what not. First of all I do want to point outside
here. I am going to show you a quick outside, the front porch, just one little detail here,
you got to love the ceiling lights there and the wood ceiling within the front porch and
the archway here. I am going to step out so that’s better as we come into the house. So
it’s a very classy entrance, it’s sort of like walking into your own castle, if I don’t say
so myself. I have music playing in here. It’s a little loud so just roll with it. One of the
first details, these arches they have, along the edges of the walls you can see right here,
they are curved; I believe it’s called a bullnose bead and it’s definitely a step up in design
work. And here’s the kind of detail that comes with Premier homes. You go up there you
have a light up there in that nook to bring out the best of that little bump out, I would say,
for lack of a better word and it’s all again these curved bullnose bead finishes, which are
step up. Now this is going to hold still right here. You have the tray ceilings, or coffered
ceilings, I always forget which is which. It depends on if you are in the master bedroom
or not. Down there you have the sliding glass doors that can withstand 130 mile-an-hour
winds. It slides about 10 feet across and they are very heavy. Normally you find these
types of sliding glass doors in $1, $2 or $3 million condos. Here they do come standard.
So let me just walk you through the house real quick. This is the Sanibel model, like
Premier homes at the Village of Motts Landing.

Large utility room, built-in cabinets, a lot of room, just let’s be honest, lot of room for
folding clothes. Side bedroom, ceiling fans in all the rooms, standard tiled in granite
bathroom, just a nice little side bathroom, a very good guest room, two car garage of
course. This one comes with sort of the speckled finish because they were using this as an
office before but the point is, it’s really big, bottom line, it’s really big.

Let’s move along to everyone’s favorite room, the kitchen. Every once in a while I will
just stop and give you a better view. A side office and there’s the coffered ceilings, you
can see it’s very classy. And when they say open floor plan, they are not kidding. I think
I had mentioned it before, all of these upgrades of granite and stainless steel and wood
floors and these are the nice wood floors, they are real wood and they are extra wide. It’s
all standard. You don’t pay extra for them. They just come with the price. There are no
games and I really like that. I have seen a lot of homes get marked up and it’s frustrating
to buyer sometimes. Real good view. This home is great for entertaining the Sanibel
model, real cool.

Again the sun room. This all comes standard. There are different variations you can
work with but I thought I would show you how this sliding glass door works, it’s pretty
amazing, leaves a huge area open for entertaining. Skylights in here. Some people have
this in the entire floor, some people have this more open with more screened-in area
that way you can grill right inside here and although there is a little heating area and
what not over here built-in. Lot of options, of course, when you buy new. There are the
curved archways again heading to the master. And it’s nice, you can step right out into
that porch. Two sets of closets. Let me tell you something, this closet, its big but it’s his.
This closet is much bigger, therefore, its hers. I think we all know that. You have got two
different granite sinks and then you have two showerheads in here. A nice swinging door,
lots of room in here. Probably there is even an option to have more like a bench seating
or what not in here. And this door, its swings in and out. It’s pretty neat. Very practical,
give you a look at how that works. And pretty much, I know this is a little bit cheesy but
that’s the Sanibel. It’s a really neat home. They are raising prices in here because they
have sold so many. Normally, in October to January they sell one or two. This year they
sold 13, so in March prices on everything goes up. There is also a new sub-division with
Motts Landing and that is Pamela’s place [Phonetic] [0:08:31] which is even going to
have more standard upgrades throughout and I will be on the initial list to get details on
that and as soon as I have them for you, I will video blog about it or write about it and
you’ll have the first word before anyone else in the market does. That’s what I do.

Alright, I am Jay Seville, the Team Leader for and I look forward to
representing you with your home purchase.

Okay, here at the village of Motts Landing Wilmington North Carolina, this is the club
house. It has a waiting room and community entertaining area. It also has a swimming
pool and tennis court. I just wanted to give you a quick peek at that as well and one
more little feature here that is pretty groovy, a putting green and it has several pins in
it and it even has a little bit of some hills, what do you call that in golf? Slopes, thank
you very much. Its got some slope edge to it, so you can practice some different shots, a
really neat community. One thing about being here in this spot is, you get to avoid all the
traffic, a military cut off and college road and if you ever need to head to downtown or
[Indiscernible] [0:10:03] whatever, you are just 10 minutes away from the mall, you are
10 minutes away from almost everything. To get to Wrightsville beach, it’s more like 22
minutes, Carolina beach 7 minutes, Kure beach 10 minutes, so it’s just something to keep

in mind. It’s a really neat community.

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