Brick homes for sale in Wilmington NC

This is a summary of the brick homes for sale in Wilmington NC real estate.  It includes foreclosures and short sales, etc.

You might wonder are Wilmington colonial homes or brick homes what people specifically searching for? Well the answer is yes; in Northern Virginia where I cut my teeth in real estate the typical home was a brick Colonial or a brick ranch home, and that’s what people wanted. And they were considered the classiest homes of all really and had a historic charm to them. Most were built in the 1930s 40s and 50s people moving to Wilmington North Carolina homes from the Northeast often are looking for brick homes in particular.

Why Brick?

So what is the fuss with brick homes?  What are the advantages? That website lists 7 reasons:

  1. Brick Is Strong And Durable
  2. 2. Brick Is Easy To Maintain
  3. Bricks Offer Greater Insulation And Temperature Control
  4. Brick Increases Home Value

  5. Brick Helps Block Out The Noise

  6. Brick is Fire Resistant

  7. Brick Offers Endless Design Possibilities

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