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street view contemporary style
street view contemporary style

Wilmington Fine Arts Center

























Hi, this is Jay Seville of That’s Wilmington-Real- And my better website,, with everything from northern

Virginia down to Charleston. So hey, what’s up with the new Humanities and Fine Arts Center

in Wilmington? Well, I didn’t even realize this was going down because I’ve been so busy with

life and real estate, but a few weeks ago, one of my daughters and some of my sons had choir

performances there. So I took them, and I was blown away. I moved here a few years ago from

northern Virginia, the wealthiest county in America, Fairfax County and Arlington County, and

my frame of reference is the Kennedy Center. And also I remember seeing Les Mis in London

when it opened that year, when I was 19. Even named one of my daughters’ middle name

Cosette from the musical. But I love Broadway, I love music and shows. So when I stepped into

the Humanities and Fine Arts Center at Cape Fear in downtown Wilmington.

I was blown away, and my heart was leaping with joy at some of the shows coming up. Real

quick, here’s some of the pictures of it. It’s very contemporary. It was the Christmas season, so

we had a poinsettia Christmas tree going on. It’s got some nice angles and geometry to it. I

don’t know what the seating capacity is. I’m guessing about 500. So I thought I’d show you

some of these photos real quick, give you a taste for it, and then make an additional point. And

that would be, Wilmington is really remarkable. You know, the population here is only two or

three-hundred thousand. And we’ve got historic downtown cobblestone streets and charming

homes from the early 1900s and earlier. There’s probably five churches from the 1800s

downtown with spiral cathedrals and incredible craftsmanship and whatnot, and they really make

the skyline look beautiful here. 15 minutes down the road is Wrightsville Beach, which is one of

the premier beaches in America, very wide, deep, crystal clear water, warm water, and good waves.

Homes for Sale Near the Wilmington Fine Arts Center Historic District

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